Series: The Rise of Integrated Schooling in Northern Ireland

LONDONDERRY — Several of our reporters covered how education was being impacted as Northern Ireland has continued to heal from its past and how an integrated school in Londonderry has led the charge in bridging religious and cultural divides.

Read their stories at the links below:

Building Bridges: Integrated School Links Religiously Divided Londonderry by Katelin Moody

‘It’s Not Something We Discuss,’ the Changing Role of Religion For Northern Ireland’s Schoolchildren by Ellie Davis

Integrated Education in Northern Ireland: An Attempt at Repairing Religious Divide by Emma Paidra

Covering Religion: Faith Wire

Covering Religion: Faith Wire

Although this semester has not turned out as planned, we told important across the globe.

This past winter, as the Omicron variant surged in New York City, we found ourselves rethinking the idea that we were about to reach the light at the end of the tunnel. Initially, we had planned to take a class reporting trip to Israel and Palestine, but unfortunately Columbia University insisted it was unwise to travel under such circumstances. Still, as Covid cases lessened, several members of our class were able to safely travel, domestically, as well as internationally. Thanks to the Scripps Howard Foundation's generous support of Covering Religion, students reported on pressing issues involving religion all over the world. 

Here on our website, you'll find stories that take place in Hungary, Italy, Canada, Texas, and of course, New York City. We have chosen the name "Faith Wire: Covering the Changing Face of Religion," as we'd like to share our stories with other publications. Our premise is that religion continues to evolve and we are on the front lines covering the shift. Thus, you will not only find stories here about houses of worship but about the religious implications of everything from the coronavirus to the war in Ukraine.

We hope you will continue to follow us and read our work in these exciting yet uncertain times.


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Covering Religion: Faith Wire