Reporting Staff 2021

Lily Lopate is a writer, journalist, and communications strategist. She recently graduated with a Master of Science from Columbia Journalism School and is currently working as a communications coordinator for ClayHouse Brooklyn while freelancing for a variety of magazines. As a native New Yorker, she frequently covers stories of suffering and resilience particularly at the intersection of arts, culture, and business. Before graduate school, Lopate worked at HarperCollins publishers, Finn PR, People Magazine and WNYC Radio. She’s written from all sides of the media equation and her work has appeared in the anthology Every Father’s Daughter (McPherson & Co), Columbia News Service, People Magazine, Honeysuckle Magazine, and Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood. Her range of professional experiences in media have helped her to think critically, creatively and, above all, stay adaptive.

Jessica Mundie is a journalist interested in writing about the intersection of religion and popular culture. She is a recent graduate of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism where she focused on narrative and investigative reporting. Prior to coming to New York City, Jessica studied journalism, English, and drama studies at Carleton University in her hometown of Ottawa, Canada. This fall, Jessica will be interning at Religion News Service as a reporter.

Sara Badilini is an Italian journalist based in the United States. She’s currently a reporting intern at the Block Club Chicago, where she covers local news, and a fellow journalist for Religion News Service and Interfaith Youth Core. She’s also a freelancer for NewsGuard, Previously, she worked as a local reporter in Italy. She has a Master’s degree in law from the University of Trento and a Master’s degree from Columbia Journalism School

Ammal Hassan is a graduate of Columbia Journalism School. Born in Nairobi, Kenya and raised all over the world, Ammal is now based in New York City. Beats that interest Ammal include: music, pop culture, dating and relationships, beauty and fashion. Ammal is a practicing Muslim, who views her religion as a large part of her identity.

Lucy Soucek is an associate producer at Orbit Media, a podcast production company based in Brooklyn. She recently graduated with a Master of Science degree from Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. Before coming to grad school, she was an announcer and producer at Maine Public Radio for two years. She’s passionate about collaborating with other reporters and producers to tell unique stories and forward intercultural understanding. She grew up in Maine, but now lives in the East Village with her cat, Luna. Contact her at or check out her other work at

Ella Creamer graduated from Columbia Journalism School in 2021. Currently, she is an intern at Washington Monthly magazine in DC. You can follow her on Twitter here.

Marissa Guiang is a finance professional and freelance journalist based in New York City. She graduated from Cornell University, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Administration with a minor in Real Estate and concentration in Law. She recently received her Master’s at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and will be receiving her MBA from Columbia Business School in May 2022. Marissa’s professional interests span the intersection of media, technology, business strategy, and policy. She is originally from Chicago and hopes to take her career internationally in the near future.